Fresh Start.

Clearly I have neglected this blog. I mean, part of it was because I was slightly busy having a baby and everything, but part of it was also sheer laziness. However, now that I am back in school and have no time to read or write anything that isn’t assigned to me, my fingers are dying to type something fun. I also have a lot of new thoughts in my head all the time….being a mommy is a whole new world. Add that to being a college student and a temporary guardian to a teenager (my little sis is staying with us for awhile…she’s our nanny. 😉 ), and it makes for some interesting/thought provoking/amusing moments. 

Also I have been totally inspired by my friend Rihanna, who is hilarious and a wonderful writer/blogger. Reading her posts makes me want to write more. Her blog totally took off and went viral this summer when she wrote a post about Miley Cyrus. That’s when I realized that you never know when people are going to notice you, and if you don’t make a point to follow your dreams, you’ll never have a chance to see them fulfilled. So even though my blog might not ever go viral or even get read by more people than my mom and a couple of my friends, I’m still going to try. I want to polish my writing and try to improve, so I’m going to use my blog to practice. And at least it’ll give me a break from homework. 

So, hopefully I’ll have a new post at least every week or so. And hopefully they’ll be somewhat interesting. In the meantime, go check out Rihanna’s blog. Her newest entry had me literally lol’ing in the middle of the student lounge at school today. I’m off to write an op-ed piece for Newswriting. 


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