It’s amazing what pregnancy does to you. I mean, I’ve always been a night owl, but I love sleeping. (I have such exciting hobbies.) But, I cannot sleep at night to save my life anymore. If I’m not getting up at least 5 times a night to use the bathroom, I’m having weird dreams, or tossing and turning, or sweating my butt off. Tonight I just gave up. I laid there for awhile, thinking of everything I have to get done in the next few weeks, trying to plan my future sister in law’s bridal shower gift, and thinking about how freaking hot this apartment is, and I just thought “screw this, I’m getting on the computer.” So I’ve been sitting here reading other people’s blog posts and trying not to bust out laughing and wake up my husband. The baby is apparently an insomniac too, because he’s rolling around in there and generally just causing Mommy extreme discomfort. I really wish I had some sort of X-Ray machine to see what he does in there. He’s crazy. This afternoon he was super active, and my belly was moving around all over the place–which is super weird by the way. It’s like something from an alien movie. Hopefully he will be cuter than an alien. 😉

I can’t believe that he will be here sooner rather than later. I’m 33 weeks now, so only 7 until “full term” and technically I could go in 4 if he decides to surprise us early. I’d totally be ok with early, as long as it’s not THAT early. Buuut, considering school starts September 3, I’d love for him to be here a little sooner than expected. I’d like at least a couple weeks to spend time with him before our lives turn into total chaos.

So this post is fairly pointless. But I mean, it’s 3:36 AM so you can’t expect much. I’m just running out of things to do online, and I’m still not tired enough to fall asleep. Also I think I have heartburn so I don’t really want to lay down. I might just put on Netflix and fall asleep on the couch. Thankfully I don’t have much to do tomorrow, besides spend all day on the phone with my insurance (sooo excited for that. Not really). I’ll take a nap when they inevitably put me on hold. However, the good news is: once I take care of the insurance, and get in touch with a pediatrician, the really annoying stuff that has to be done before J gets here will pretty much be done. After that, it’s just little things that need taken care of, and the “nesting” type stuff. I did a little of that today. I sorted out all his clothes that are size newborn, so he can wear them right away before he grows out of them, and hung them up in the closet. They are so cute, the tiny little outfits on their tiny little hangers. 🙂 I cannot wait to dress him in them. And snuggle him. I’m really looking forward to some quality snuggle time with my baby boy. I think about that and I still can’t believe I’m going to be a mom. I had a moment of panic the other night–another pregnancy insomnia night. Luckily my BFF was awake too and texted me through it, lol. I just still feel like a teenager sometimes. How in the world am I going to take care of a baby? I have no idea what I’m doing. Yes, I have 3 years of daycare experience, and countless hours of babysitting, but raising your own kid is a whole different story. I can’t even decide on a carseat for him. Okay, I have to stop or else I’ll freak myself out again.

I guess I should try to get some sleep. Although now I’m hungry, so I might have to eat first. All I do is eat, sleep and go to the bathroom now, I’m pretty sure. I’m like a baby myself, haha.


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