Modest is Hottest.

True story: I’ve been dying to use that line for like at least a year now. I tried to get Sarah to let me do a sermon for the youth girls just so I could use that line, but it didn’t really work, because that’s all I had. Just that one line. lol

So yeah, maybe it’s super cheesy. But hey-it’s easy to remember and most importantly-it’s TRUE. I’m not sure that girls really know what they’re doing when they dress provocatively, or maybe they do, which is even worse. Even if you don’t think you look trashy, sometimes it’s good to get a second opinion. Because as teenagers, and especially as a teenage girl, your view is skewed sometimes.

The reason why I can say this and be blunt about it is because I was a teenage girl not that long ago (keep the comments to yourself, peanut gallery). I know the thoughts and opinions I had back then. And even though I thought I was the smartest person in the world, I was wrong. News flash! The adults in your life really DO know best. You may be rolling your eyes now, but when you’re 20-something, living on your own, paying bills and learning how to be married, get back to me. πŸ˜‰

So anyway. I say all that to say this. I found this guy’s blog, and it’s pretty amazing. He’s funny and he’s got some eye opening stuff about being a Christian. This particular one is actually the first blog entry of his that I read and I was blown away by it. A word of caution-if you are easily offended, or don’t want to hear the truth, don’t read it. But I think it’s definitely something everyone should think about. Here is the link:

Now, I am not condemning anyone, and I’m not singling anyone out. I’m not posting that as a hidden message to someone who I think is trashy. So don’t get that idea in your head. I’m just posting it because I think the entire population of girls, myself included, needs to think about this kind of stuff. I am just as guilty of posting ‘bikini pictures’ of myself on facebook as anyone else is. Did I do it to purposely turn guys on? Of course not. But I think that’s the point-you might inadvertently be causing reactions that you did not mean or want. Now, this guy is pretty blunt, I admit. But, the truth hurts sometimes. Are you going to hell because you have pictures of yourself at the beach on your facebook? No way. I think he just wants us to think before we act. And that goes for guys too. Of course it’s not just our fault as women when guys stumble. But, shouldn’t we be helping them out and supporting them? They’re our brothers in Christ. Why would we want to be stumbling blocks to them?

Again, I’m not judging or condemning anyone, or posting this for a specific person. It just hit me pretty hard when I read his blog and I wanted to share. My desire is truly for all young women to see themselves as God sees them, and realize that they don’t have to dress, look or act provocatively for guys to like them. I want them all to know how treasured and loved they are, by the one True Love. Really, does anything else matter? Because it shouldn’t. Trust me, ladies-even when you get married someday, you are still going to have “ugly days.” Those days when you get out of bed and nothing looks right, fits right or stays styled right. And as much as your husband tries, you’re still going to feel ugly. But don’t! Because you can’t depend on any human person-even your spouse-to tell you what your value is. You HAVE to hear it from God, and you have to believe it when He says it, or else nothing will make you feel pretty or loved.

As Sammy says on his blog, we are all on the same team. It’s about time we start helping each other stand strong in Christ, and truly loving each other like God wants us to.

If anyone is offended by this-sorry. I warned you. πŸ˜‰


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