Here’s just a quick update before I start the rest of my week, which is going to be pretty busy. I have a lot of things on my heart, but no time to blog them now. And honestly until just a couple days ago, I was still processing them myself. Just wanted to let everyone know that we are doing great in PA so far! I know that this is where God led us. Just seeing the ways that He has moved in only a month just reaffirms that for me. I think I’ve seen Him move more here in less than a month then I did the whole time we lived in St Pete. Just goes to show you what He can do for you when you listen to Him. 🙂 I can already tell we are going to have an exciting adventure living here. The area is beautiful. I love it. It reminds me of Indiana, but with more hills and mountains. And it’s great because you can be in the ‘country’ and then drive a few miles and be in town, then drive a little bit longer and be in the city. Love that! We’ve done so much since we’ve been here-DC, Philly, NYC. And there’s still so much to do! This will also be a great place to raise a family some day. I love the fact that I can give my kids a little bit of what I had during my childhood.
I know that God is going to stretch us here, but He is also going to move us into bigger and greater things as well. We have experienced His favor so much already. The spiritual atmosphere here is just amazing. Of course I think part of that is because we are so close to Global and there is such a community of people here from that ministry, but it even feel like there’s something different in the air. I know that sounds crazy, but the difference between here and St Pete is tangible.
Anyway, to sum up-we are doing great. I know that I am in God’s will for us and I love that feeling. Honestly, the only other time I’ve been so sure I was walking in His will for me was when I was in China. So to feel that again is just….unspeakably amazing. Thank you all for all your prayers! We miss and love you all!


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