Ok, so like 3 months ago I posted that I would be posting on here more often and I haven’t at all. So, sorry for that. But oh well. Not a lot has been going on. Working, cleaning the apartment and watching Netflix. That’s pretty much it, lol. It’s been a rough couple of months. We haven’t been to church in a long time because I’ve been working on Sunday mornings, but hopefully that will stop soon. I need to go to church-to a good church. I am feeling a bit dry….I need a spiritual refreshing. I know God is going to bring things out of this time in our lives and teach us and help us grow. But sometimes I wish He would just expedite the process a bit. I know He’s here for us. I am just so far out of my comfort zone right now. I can’t really explain it all….all I know is that I am clinging to the truths in these two songs right now.


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