New Year.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted! I’m going to try to change that in the new year, especially now since I have to chronicle our new adventures in St. Petersburg. We’ve been here for almost a week. Honestly, I’m having more trouble than I thought I would adjusting to it. It’s not easy to live in a city when E-Wood is the biggest town you’ve ever lived in. I mean, hello, the town I grew up in didn’t even have a stop light. I lived on a dirt road and our closest neighbors were my grandparents, corn fields and cows. This whole city thing is more than a little intimidating. I hear sirens all the time. It freaks me out. Alex says it’s just because we live so close to a fire station, but I still don’t know why that means fire trucks are being called out all the time. I mean, there cannot be that many fires every day. Okay, so called me paranoid, but I’m just not used to it.

I have been out of the apartment by myself a total of one time. I got lost. It was not a good afternoon. I don’t like driving around when I don’t know where I’m going as it is, and then you add in all these crazy one way streets they have here. Back home if I missed a turn, I could flip a U-turn and get back on track. You can’t do that here. It’s very confusing. But, according to everyone I talk to, “St. Petersburg is the easiest place to get around!” Well, yeah, if you know where you’re going. You know where it actually is easy to get around? West Lebanon, IN.

Sorry. I sound bitter and paranoid, I know. I just needed to vent. I know that God called us here and that He’s opened doors for us. I just need Him to open a few more soon. We need a church and jobs. And friends would be nice. I’ll be glad to start school in the summer so I can actually see the fruit of why we moved here in the first place. Alex starts on Tuesday. I’m happy for him, but I am also a little jealous that he actually has something to do.

I really do know that God will show Himself to us like He always does. He will work everything out. It’s just a matter of resting in Him and controlling my thoughts, so that’s what I’ll push myself to do. I know this will be a great year for me and Alex. It will bring us closer together as a couple and to God, and will give us a chance to find our own identity. I have a lot of goals I want to accomplish this year-I want to get in shape, keep my house organized and clean, read and write more, etc. So I know that it will get better. I just need to make it through the first few weeks.


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