Recently I was faced with a situation that could’ve turned out really crappy. However, a day into it, I clearly felt God speaking to me. It was so clear, it was almost scary. As I was worshipping one night, He said to me, “YOU determine the outcome of this. You can make it a good situation that you can grow from, or you can turn it into a miserable situation in which you learn nothing and everyone is miserable.” At first, I was a little taken aback. I think my first thought was “C’mon, God. When do I ever do that?” Wrong question to ask. He began showing me the attitudes that I get when I am in not so fun situations. All of a sudden I had a revelation-I do have a crappy attitude sometimes! (Imagine that! lol) Too many times, as soon as a hard situation comes up, I automatically get an attitude about it, and I already had about this particular situation. Nothing had even happened, I was just already expecting something bad to happen. It was actually quite disturbing for me to realize how quickly I’ve copped a bad attitude in the past, before I even give something a chance. Truthfully, I don’t even like admitting it-it’s kind of embarrassing. But I feel comfortable sharing it because after this situation, I have changed. Anyway, I digress-back to that night. God told me that if I let them, these situations that come up could be instances in which I could grow and learn something, but that I have to be willing. I don’t believe that God purposely puts us in bad situations just to “teach” us something. But I do believe God can use them as opportunities for us to get something good out of it. (Rom. 8:28) However, there’s a catch-He also gives us free will. He isn’t going to make us learn our lesson. It’s not even so much that we’re learning a lesson, it’s more of a growth opportunity. But anyway, our attitude about the situation determines the outcome of it. How many times have we been put into situations in which we could’ve experienced growth, but instead, we had a bad attitude about it, made ourselves and everyone else around us miserable, and then got nothing out of it? How much farther along would we be right now if we dove into every opportunity God had for us with a good attitude?

After all of this I was determined to have a good attitude about this situation, and it turned out great. It’s amazing to see how God will move in something for us and the only thing we need to do is give ourselves an attitude check. There is so much joy and blessing in facing hard situations with a positive attitude. So much growth and maturity comes out of it. And it all just begins with a choice. “I set before you life and destruction…..choose life.” So simple, but yet so easy to choose destruction instead.

God uses fire to refine us. Yes, fire hurts. No, fire is not fun. But God went through the fire with Shadrach, Meshach and Abendego, and they came out not even smelling like smoke. God with do the same with us, but we have to LET HIM. The only way the fire will refine us and not hurt us is if we let God go through it with us. And the way to do that is by choosing life, by choosing to go through it with joy, and by choosing to go through it dependent on Him. A positive and faith filled attitude is the key for God to move for us and with us in the fire. The blessings that we will reap and the effect it will have on our lives (and even on other’s lives around us) is immeasurable. We will grow and become so much more mature if we choose to go through the fire and willingly let it refine us. It truly is worth it in the end. As hard as it was for God to show me my true attitudes, I am so thankful that He did, because I will never be the same in that area now. Sometimes you just have to examine yourself from a different perspective. It’s not fun. It stings a little. But you will come out so much stronger.


2 thoughts on “Fire.

  1. Oh how I can relate to this. It’s all about the process isn’t it? Thank the Lord that our Christianity is a marathon not a sprint. We have to pace ourselves. If we hit the wall – well we can start racing again cos we’re in it for the long haul. Bless you Precious One!

    • Thank you! It is definitely all about the process, and I am so thankful for God’s grace when I hit the wall! And, His strong yet gentle voice to open my eyes to things I never realized before, to help me figure out WHY I hit the wall, lol.

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