I was thinking today about being relentless. I think that that word describes God so well. God is relentless in everything He does. He has relentless love, relentless kindness, relentless patience and relentless forgiveness towards us. And that’s not even a fraction of His traits. I mean, no matter what we do, or how we act, God ALWAYS loves us. Always forgives us. Never gives up on us. I looked up the definition of the word relentless and it seemed kind of mean and harsh. So I looked up the definition of relent. Relent means to soften in feeling or slacking. I like that a little more, because ultimately it means this: God never softens in His feelings towards us. He never slacks off on us. Never softening in His feelings may sound mean-I mean, generally, when someone says they’re softening towards another person, it means that that person is starting to grow up them, and they’re starting to like them more. But we don’t have to grow on God. He already loves us. And I feel like his love is an aggressive love. It’s not a wimpy, mushy love.  He aggressively loves us. Some of the definitions of aggressively are: making an all-out effort to win or succeed; competitive (well, the Bible does say that our God is a jealous God!), vigorously energetic and boldly assertive and forward. I love that! I love the feeling that God is aggressively pursuing me. He wants to win our affections. He is relentless in His love towards us. He is relentless in pursuing us. But He can’t succeed at that until we pursue him also. God is relentless, but He is also a gentleman. He will never push Himself into our lives. We have to pursue Him just as relentlessly and let Him come in and shake us up and mold our life towards Him. We have to have a relentless love for Him too. We should never be satisfied with our love level for God. We should also be striving towards loving Him more, because no matter how much we aggressively love Him, it will still pale in comparison to the love He has for us. But even then, in God’s relentless love and mercy, He will take it and appreciate it and use it to His glory anyway. I’m just amazed by all of that!

If we are supposed to act like God, we need to start being relentless in the things we do too. We need to have relentless love. Not just towards God, but to others. If we love others relentlessly, no matter what they do or how they treat us, we can show them just a little piece of God’s love towards them. They will want what we have. We need to be relentless in our kindness, our ministry, our forgiveness. We need to be relentless in serving others. That’s a tough one. But it’s what God does. It’s what Jesus did while He was on earth. How many of us can say that we relentlessly serve others? But that’s another way we can show people God’s aggressive love towards us.

Be relentless. DON’T give up. Aggressively pursue God, and He will meet you and reveal His relentless love towards you. You can chase after whatever you want, but the only thing worth chasing is God. Once we start pursuing Him and becoming aggressive and relentless about it, only then will we feel true joy.

“You won’t relent until You have it all….my heart is Yours.”


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