I love summer. I don’t know how anyone could NOT love summer. Summer is wayyy different in FL than it is up north, though. I still like it though. I will be the first to admit that it is disgustingly hot down here. But I would definitely rather be hot than cold.

People complain about summer, but to me it just feels so much better than the rest of the seasons-except for spring, maybe. Sure, the air is sticky and thick and stagnant. But there’s also a different feeling in the air, like an electricity. It just feels….hopeful. Summer is like a time for new things. It’s fun and exciting and hopeful. Summer just seems to contain so much potential. It’s definitely not like it was when I was younger, because I work full time, and this year I’m taking summer classes. So, there’s not a lot of free time. But still, it just seems like the opportunities in the summer are endless, and they’re all so much fun! Swimming, beach, cookouts, water fights, sitting outside talking at night, amusement parks….I dunno, everything is just so much more fun in the summer.

Summer has always seemed like a time to start over again too. Like, if you had a bad school year or something, summer was a chance to forget about it, have fun and redeem yourself by setting better goals for next year. Or you can start new activities in the summer, because you have more free time. Summer is like Grace to me. There’s a new David Crowder song called “Oh Happiness” and it sounds so fun and summer-y to me. But not just the music, the words remind me of summer too. They say “Oh, happiness! There is grace! Enough for us and the whole human race.” I really feel Grace in the summer. I always want to start over, start new things, bask in the glory of the season.

I think God gave us summer for us to experience His Grace. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is so deep and amazing, and I don’t think many people have tapped into it. I mean, we could never grasp all that God has for us and how much Grace He gives us. I think that even knowing just a little bit of how deep His Grace is would overwhelm us. But I want to learn about it-know about it–experience it! None of us were deserving of a relationship with Him. But not only did He give us the relationship, He made us His sons and daughters and gave us a purpose! Something I realized at church last night is that NO ONE in God’s Kingdom has a small or insignificant purpose. He has a HUGE destiny for ALL of us. The sad thing is, many of us don’t realize that and we don’t live up to our potential. That must sadden God so much! I just can’t get over how much He has for us! It’s such a shame to waste it. To be lazy and live in mediocrity is to waste what God gave up everything for. I mean, think about it-He gave up literally everything-His own flesh and blood-to DIE so that we might live in relationship with Him and fulfill our God-given destinies. Why would we not want to live up to that?

I haven’t really tapped into my God-given potential in the past. I always felt like I was small and insignificant in God’s Kingdom. But now I realize that it’s not true! Sure, it might take me awhile to get there. Yeah, I might have to walk through some stuff that isn’t fun or fulfilling. But to come out victorious on the other side….I can’t wait to see what He has for me there! All because of His Grace. I’m not wasting it anymore. I want to live my life to it’s fullest, to give God the glory. And so people can see what His Grace really is all about.

“If Grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking!”


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