New hobby.

Hey everyoneee! I decided to start a blog. Seems like everyone is doing it now anyway. πŸ˜‰ I just decided I needed to get my thoughts out somewhere, and until I can join a magazine or something, this is the only way to do it, lol. So, read it if ya want, leave comments, or just ignore it. No biggie. πŸ™‚ I just need an outlet. Anyone who knows me knows that at any given moment I have 39409349 random thoughts going through my head. If I don’t get those out, my head might explode! haha

So, I’m really tired and not feeling too great today (sore throat :-p) so this isn’t going to be too in-depth. But, I have some things to talk about in the next few days…and I’ll probably post some lyrics to my favorite songs too, just so everyone can see them and I can discuss why they’re so meaningful. I’ve found a lot of great worship songs lately that I want to share. Anyhoo! We’ll talk more later. Nighty night people. πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “New hobby.

  1. Yeah the smiley faces are cheesy :p I’m glad you got a blog though, I’ll read it. Have you been reading mine? And how did you get such a cute background? I never saw this one when I picked mine out.

    • I dunno, I was just browsing and it appeared. lol I just started reading yours, because this is the first time I’ve been on an actual computer for a couple days, lol.

  2. So, this is like that one you used to have that I would post anonymous mean sneaky comments on! lol. Don’t worry, I won’t do that this time…..;)

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